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Mitchell T Tracy is the only candidate running for Clark County District F that is a U.S. Veteran 

         - U.S.A. & Americans First - Reagan Conservative  - Trump Conservative Populist -

       -Tea Party Supporter - U.S. Constitution  - Conservative  - Independent -  Fight Crime  -

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Republican Candidate for Clark County Commissioner District F Says Democrats Insert RINO Republican into Race

LAS VEGAS, April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Mitchell T. Tracy, Republican candidate for Clark County Commissioner District F is fed up. He says that Tisha Black, a Harry Reid Democrat, is running on the Republican Party ticket, but she's a 'never Trump Republican' who is going up against him, an authentic pro Trump, Reagan conservative.


The Clark County Commissioner District F in Clark County, Nevada is now an open seat because the incumbent's term is over. Tracy says that he lost to the incumbent in the 2014 general election by only 2737 votes 49 percent to 44 percent.


"Reid and the Democrats want to make sure they don't lose this seat which is why they've inserted Black to run," Tracy says.


According to Tracy, Black has supported and voted for Democrats over the last 17 years, including giving Harry Reid's U.S. Senate Campaign $2,000 in 2001 and $5,000 to U.S. Senate Catherine Cortez Mastro in 2016.

"It just makes sense to have a real Republican in this position," Tracy says.


Since he was 18, Tracy has been a registered Republican. He joined the Orange County Young Republicans at 22 and has owned a small business – a limousine service. And, he's donated limousine services to the Orange County Young Republican group as well as to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.


Since moving to Clark County in 1999, he's been involved with "We the People" of District F and has contributed to the community through charity work and neighborhood watches. Curious about the community at large, he's also done a ride-along with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and visited local fire stations to talk with fire fighters about issues they face. Tracy has never and will never support a Democrat.


"I'm a Pro Trump supporter, Reagan conservative, Tea Party supporter, anti-establishment, anti-elitist, 'America First' candidate," he says. "I'm also the only U.S. military veteran running for this seat," he says.


If elected, Tracy will work to get more police officers on the street and to improve response times. He will also work to lower property taxes and sales taxes, bring more jobs into the area, and get free parking for local residents at casinos. Tracy says that President Trump needs Clark County to go Red for 2020. They don't need a RINO.


"Black is going to do and say anything and everything she can to win this race," Tracy says. "Meanwhile, more than 80 percent of her campaign contributions have come from Reid contributors. Don't let Reid and the Democrats win. Small government 'for the people,' that's what I'm all about."



Click on the PDF's below to see Tisha Black’s support of Democrat Cortez Masto and Harry Reid.


Tisha Black, A Republican Candidate for Clark County Commissioner Dist F supports Democrat over Republican in US Senate race 2016 Gives $2700 to Democrat Catherine Cortez - Masto.

Tisha Black, A Republican Candidate for Clark County Commissioner Dist F supports Democrat over Republican in US Senate race 2016 Gives $2300 to Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto. 

Tisha Black  contributes $500 to Harry Reids US Senate campaign and nothing to the Republican Candidate running for US Senate against Harry Reid. 100% support for the Democrates .  Zero Support for the Republican. Contributions were made under her married name.

TIsha Black contributes another $1,500 to Democrat Harry Reid's US Senate campaign and nothing to the Republican candidate running against Harry Reid. Tisha Black again supports a Democrat over a Republican time and time again.

Contributions were made under her married name.

Mitchell T Tracy dedicated to  "We The People" of District F


Mitchell T Tracy is the only real True Republican candidate running for County Commissioner in District F with no conflicts of interests, nor running for personal and or financial gains.


Mitchell T Tracy is the only U.S. Veteran -Prior US Military Service Member running for Clark County Commissioner District F and will be there to make sure his fellow Veterans and fellow Military Service Members are taken care of.


Mitchell T. Tracy is the only candidate when elected to give 100% of himself to " We The People" of District F.


When elected Mitchell T. Tracy will be a full-time Clark County Commissioner, working 100% of the time for " We The People" of District F and Clark County. Mitchell T. Tracy will only have one job as your County Commissioner.


Other candidates are running for personal and financial gains and do not care about anyone but themselves.


Other candidates when elected, will not only be working for their own businesses, but will also work for other special interest groups, organizations and donors to which they are members and hold allegiance.


Mitchell T. Tracy is accountable and accessible. Mitchell T Tracy will be available for the citizens of Clark County District F day and night. 702-423-5885.


Find out for yourself and call Mitchell T. Tracy he will either answer your call or call you back within 2 hours after you leave your message.


No other candidate will be more hard working,  accountable. accessible, trustworthy, and honest as Mitchell T. Tracy.

Meet Mitchell T Tracy

B.S. Degree Business Mgt.


2014 Republican Nominee for Clark County Commissioner Dist . F


Prior Clark County Republican Party Executive Board


Prior Clark County Republican Party Central Committee


Prior Clark Clark County Republican Sergeant of Arms


21 yrs Insurance Industry

Prior U.S. Military Service

10 yrs High School Coach

10 yrs Stealth Fighter Work

6 yrs prior Small Business Owner



Go back to 8.10% sales tax


Americans First

Veterans Healthcare

Veterans Transportation

Veterans Assistance

2nd Admendment

Lower Crime Rate

Fight Crime

Safer Communities

Lower Gasoline Taxes

Lower Property Taxes

Create Jobs

Promote Tourism

Business Friendly

Business Health Plan

One Stop Business Center

Less Business Regulations

Less Business fees

Less Business taxes

Listen to the people



Smaller government

Stop government waste

No - Sanctuary County

No - Sanctuary City




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